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FAQ zum Startup Open Air

  • What is SOA?
    The abbreviation SOA stands for Startup Open Air and refers to the day event where networking, innovative ideas and fun come together. Start-ups, speakers, experts and those interested in founding a company come together in 7 different areas to network, inspire and learn from each other in an open-air setting with a summery atmosphere and musical highlights.
  • When is the SOA?
    The SOA will take place on August 29, 2024 from 2:00 p.m.
  • Where does the SOA take place?
    It takes place in and around the Rhein Hub at Bonner Bogen. The address is Rheinwerkallee 6, 53227 Bonn .
  • Who is the SOA suitable for?
    For everyone! No matter whether you are an expert, a founder, someone interested in starting a business or someone who is completely new to this field. There is something here for everyone! No matter whether you are young or old!
  • How much does a ticket cost?
    The prices are very individual and depend on your status. Students and schoolchildren, for example, receive a discount.
  • Where can I buy my ticket?
    You can buy your ticket here .
  • I would like to come with several people/surprise others with tickets. Can I buy multiple tickets?
    Yes, that’s no problem at all!
  • Is there food available?
    Definitely! The food area leaves nothing to be desired. From tacos, burgers, delicious regional dishes to refreshing drinks and cold Kölsch. Here you will find everything your heart desires.
  • How can I get an idea of the event in advance?
    Here you can find the recap of last year’s SOA, then still called “Summer Slam”.
  • How many participants will there be?
    There will be more than 2,000 participants at the SOA, be one of them! This includes more than 100 start-up exhibitors and more than 100 investors.
  • Which start-ups will exhibit?
    You can find an overview here .
  • Can I still become an exhibitor? If so, how?
    There are still places available! Secure your place as a start-up exhibitor here and as a corporate exhibitor here !
  • Where can I get press and social media information about the SOA?
    You can find them here .
  • How can I always get the latest information about SOA?
    Sign up for our newsletter's event list and follow our SOA Instagram and LinkedIn channels so you don't miss anything!
  • Who is the contact person for the start-up area?
    This is Olivia Lukasiewicz, Senior Startup Coordinator. Feel free to contact her at .
  • Who is the contact person for the corporate area?
    This is Hannah Weigelt, HR & Operations Manager. Feel free to contact her at .
  • What’s new about SOA compared to Summer Slam?
    In recent years, the SOA was still called "Summer Slam". With the term "Startup Open Air" we want to allude to the content of the event: an open-air event for the entire start-up ecosystem. Compared to previous years, however, it is not just the name that is new. The event program has been expanded to include a workshop and a TECHArea, a pre-opening with the top 20 start-up exhibitors and investors, and cyber security pitches.
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