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Recap 2023

A great event is behind us - our STARTUP SUMMER SLAM Festival 2023 at Bonner Bogen. The festival in Bonn celebrated its fifth meeting of the start-up scene on June 21, 2023. On this day, start-ups, companies, VCs, business angels, experts and interested parties came together to experience digital innovations live. What followed was a day full of inspiring keynotes, rousing music and great networking opportunities.

The STARTUP SUMMER SLAM Festival began with a small challenge. Our event was actually supposed to start on time with bright sunshine. However, we were surprised by an almost unexpected short heavy rain shower. Did that mean the event fell through? Of course not! Instead of being discouraged, Özlem Doger-Herter and Nils Schneider started the moderation with a lot of power and led them through the day brilliantly. After about 10 minutes the rain let up again. Now things could finally really get started and all participants were able to enjoy the event to the fullest. This shows the true strength of the start-up scene, which does not let anything discourage it.

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